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The New Local Workshops

“The world needs a new story and a new roadmap to renew, restart and reconstruct our communities”

Brought to you by Village Well.

The New Local is a movement towards refocusing community, economic development and placemaking. The New Local comprises of ten new principles that Gilbert Rochecouste, (Thought leader, Founder and Managing Director of Village Well) and Michael Shuman (Economist, Attorney Author and Entrepreneur) have together developed and provided a compelling story for a new economic development and place-led approach to building resilient and regenerative communities, cities, towns and mainstreets in a post-COVID-19 and climate change world.



The New Local webinar series delves into the ten principles, offering insights, guidance, support


Purchase the ten New Local videos which delve into the ten principles with real world case studies and examples.


We offer bespoke training for council and community.


Tailor made recommendations for a New Local Strategy. We are currently working with City of Newcastle to develop a set of recommendations to guide their new economic development strategy and create a New Local Festival.

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