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"Where there is vision, the people flourish"



Gilbert brings over 30 years of experience in facilitation and workshop leadership.

Gilbert’s style is inspiring, joyful, optimistic, creative, and dynamic. He holds a very safe environment for people to discover their creative potential. Gilbert’s unique skills are widely known and he is acclaimed as one of Australia’s best facilitators in areas of placemaking, cultural change, conflict resolution and complex city making processes.

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Public speaking


Gilbert is recognised as one of the most inspiring public speakers in the areas of placemaking, community renewal and creating great places.

His unique style brings in colour, movement and drumming to open up the spark of creativity in people’s hearts and minds, bringing joy to people’s faces and immersing them in a possibility of a new story. Covering a diverse range of topics, Gilbert’s talks are immersive, fun and dynamic, but most importantly they can be a catalyst for positive change.

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Strategic visioning


Gilbert’s skills of ideation and strategic visioning are unparalleled in Australia and worldwide. 

From creating the laneways of Melbourne to the most successful shopping centre precincts like Melbourne Central, to creating the Victoria Market Night Markets, to creating the vision for Oxford Street Sydney. Through skilled facilitation, Gilbert draws on the wisdom of the community to form inspiring and unique place visions and strategic and creative ideation for activation and renewal. 

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